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Real words from real people.


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The reason I joined School of Sweat originally was because I wanted to avoid the big gyms, I needed a more personable feeling place where I could feel secure and focused.

From day 1 Bryan gave me the encouragement I needed that kick started my journey to a healthier lifestyle!  I'll never forget him looking straight into my eyes and telling me "you CAN do this!". That was the exact thing I needed to hear.

Since that time forward every member of Bryan's School of Sweat has been there to encourage one another and improve their physical capabilities.   With Bryan's ever growing knowledge about what he teaches us we are constantly being challenged.   I am a stronger person inside and out thanks to the patience of coach Bryan too!  He knows when to push me to my maximum performance as well as when to tell me to "shut up and train!", when I begin doubt myself.

Bryan makes it his personal goal to see all of us improve. I love that about this gym and that's why I continue to give it all I've got every week at School of sweat!     


Michelle B.-A.

I started at School of Sweat in 2015.  I had procrastinated starting a workout routine for a long time and as I got older and closer to ‘60’; I knew I needed to do something different.  I realized I was slowing down and not as motivated as I used to be.  When I showed up for my consultation, Bryan was very encouraging and explained how all the workouts would be scaled for me.  My first workout I was very nervous and did not know what to expect.  Everyone was so nice and encouraging, now I have many new friends through the garage gym. Since I strarted training regularly I have become stronger and more motivated.  I never want to miss a day; School of Sweat is my new addiction.  I am off all my blood pressure medication, even had my thyroid prescription lowered.  This has been the best decision I have made, and look forward to all that School of Sweat can help me to achieve.

Candy B.

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