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Bryan Stoneking

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I started this garage gym in 2013 to help the people in this community live a more active, healthier and pain free life. This is done by building strength in functional movements. Helping our members feel better is the focal point of this gyms existence. We will expand your capabilities, grow your self confidence and eliminate your weaknesses.

After affiliating with CrossFit in 2017, the priority remains the same. We are training to be better at life.

In addition to the CrossFit Level 1 certificate, I also hold the CrossFit Level 2 certificate. Both the L-1 and L-2 courses were just retaken and passed again to keep the credential intact for another 5 years. The Level 2 course is designed to further the coaching abilities of those who teach the CrossFit methodology.


Additional CrossFit courses completed:

CF-Kids                       Scaling

Spot the Flaw              Judge

Running                      Lesson Planning

Anatomy                     Dumbbells

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