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The primary structure is our group classes. Other options are available and listed below. The class structure is inviting, encouraging and accepting of all people at any level of fitness. It doesn't matter where you're at now, everyone is interested in helping you get to where you want to be.



All new members start with four private 1-on-1 sessions to learn the CrossFit foundational movements, terminology and basic concepts of what we do. This helps you to integrate into the group class more comfortably and with a good basic knowledge of what's happening.


One on one personal sessions are available outside of the normal class times. Personal sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes. These workouts will be designed for your specific needs based on what you wish to accomplish. The program will put together by the coach after your consultation, assessment,  and your desires are laid out.



Classes are scheduled for approximately 55 minutes. During the class there will be:


1. general warm up

2. workout specific warm up

3. workout

4. core strength segment

New members are always welcomed in at their level. They may also be held back (by design) at a lesser intensity until the coach feels confident that they are able to handle more advanced movements and/or heavier weights safely and without risk.



We currently have multiple families training together. Imagine how much of a family bond can be made, developed and grown by going through intense workouts together. Parents are setting an example for the kids, spouses are developing a greater respect and admiration for each other, siblings are learning to appreciate each other for what each individual is capable of.


The family that trains together, stays together.

Contact us for a FREE consultation/trial 1-on-1 session

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