• Bryan Stoneking

You'll Never Know It All

Do you think you've got it all figured out? You know, things like your job, your finances, your relationships with your spouse, kids, parents, co-workers, neighbors. How about the age old question of "what is life all about"? Well my own experiences have led me to believe that

there are times when I think I have things figured out, and other times when I'm still struggling to compute what is happening.

I think we need to accept that we actually will never have things completely figured out, and embrace the opportunity to constantly be trying to learn. Learning new things in all areas can only leave you as a better version of you. There may be some things that you have no interest in learning about. Those may end up being the things you learn the most from though. Keep your mind open to learning about as much as you can, about as much as you can. You may be surprised at what things actually peak your interest once you dive into them a little bit. Introduce yourself to new opportunities to learn. Read a book, attend a seminar, watch a webcast. Just because you've reached adulthood doesn't mean you stop growing, unless you decide to.

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