• Bryan Stoneking

Yes, We're the Best!

To quote Kid Rock, "It ain't braggin' mother f***er if you back it up". With that friendly reminder I have no problem showing this off. I've put the headline on this website for years that CFSOS is "the best gym experience in the Temescal Valley", and now it's been

recognized publicly. I've always emphasized to our members to give the best they could on that day. It doesn't matter what you've done in the past, today is what we're focused on. Some days you might be mentally exhausted, stressed, and just not 100%. On those days we want you to show up, do the best you can that day. It will be enough. Some days you may be feeling good, had a great sleep the night before, your diet has been on point. That day we will care about what you've done in the past, because today is a day to excede those numbers.

We embrace scaling to what is going to be the most effective day of training for each individual. We embrace putting each person in a position to be successful and make the appropriate accomodations, staying within the intended stimulus of the workout. This results in our members getting the best results on a continual basis. No plateaus, no topping out, no chance of not improving. When our members show up, do what's laid out for them, follow the recommedations as they're outlined, they get better. That's what it's all about. That's why a good portion of our members have been here since the inception of CFSOS. It's also a reason why so many of them are doing better in life than their non gym going contemporaries. What we do delivers a healthy body, mind and spirit. It's more than just working out. Perhaps I'll go into that a little more in my next blog.

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