• Bryan Stoneking


Words can be a complicated thing. Forget the complexities of what the english language has done to them. It's taken many words and decided to spell it in different ways, give it

different meanings based on the context it's being used in. For instance, the whole there, their, they're thing. What about two, too and to? I have a little bit of OCD in me so when these are used improperly it really grabs my attention. That being said, I'm proud to show you the back of our latest shirt design filled with some of my most positive and uplifting coaching lines.

These words carry a lot of meaning to the members of our gym. When they hear "It's gonna be awesome" coming from me right before the workout starts, they know what I mean. Same goes for when I tell them to "shut your pie hole". When they tell me they're dying during the middle of a 20 minute AMRAP, you guessed it, "it only feels like you are dying". There's some subtleties in the verbal cues I offer when coaching up our members. Like on a strength/heavy day and I give a little look and ask "Is that all you are doing?", or on a fast paced sprint workout where you feel like everything in your chest is about to explode because you're maxing out the intensity, "you can breathe when it's over" offers so much comfort as does the warm feelings one receives when I tell them "that's all part of the experience" when they feel like they've hit the wall and can't do another rep. But our words and how they get interpreted is ultimately how communication is done. So when they tell me how hard it was, how much it was hurting in the moment, how they didn't think they were going to finish, I use my best manners and say, "you're welcome".

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