• Bryan Stoneking

Why November is Important

I'm writing about November and I'll be referencing it and it's relation to New Years. I've never been a New Years Resolution person. It's not something I participate in. If I decide that I'm going to start something new, I just start doing it. I realize that a lot of people do make New Years Resolutions, and there's nothing wrong with that, I even get the concept of making a fresh start.

The point of this writing though is to point out the importance of the month of November when it comes to this way of thinking. Why November? Because December is crazy enough with all of the holiday parties, shopping, extra days off for travel and the general stress involved with the holiday season. During December, my gym, along with every other gym, has decreased member attendance. That is perfectly okay given the extra activities that I listed above. So the reason I feel November is so important, is that it gives you a chance to refocus on your nutrition and exercise, maybe even up you participation and recommit to you plan with a little greater intensity. If you really attack your plan in November, a little drop off in December would leave you back at your "normal". Then you open up that new calendar and you can resume without having lost too much at all.

For those who are planning to get started on January 1st. I have tried for the past couple of years to recruit new members during the month of November with special deals and offers to no avail. My plea to you would be to strongly consider not waiting until January 1st. Get a head start now by going through the uncomfortable, and hardest part, of making it part of your routine. There have been studies done on establishing habits. The general consensus is that it takes about 6 weeks to establish something as a habit, a regular part of your routine, part of your lifestyle. If you can get started in November, get through the development process, learn your routine, make it a habit, you'll have a much better chance of succeeding come January 1st. In fact, you'd be 2 months in and already starting to see some results, thus having a little more self motivation to keep going.

So don't discount the importance of November, it's not just for Thanksgiving.

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