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  • Bryan Stoneking

When A Fail Is Not A Fail

A while back I wrote about journaling. How I had never done it before but was going to try after receiving a journal book as a gift. The book was a preset format designed to be used

over the course of two months. There was a space everday to share your thoughts, then a section to list what went right, wrong, and what can be improved. For me, it seemed like an easy way to introduce myself to this new daily concept.

I'm writing today to report that I have discoved that journaling is not my thing. I gave it a real effort but just could not get the grasp of how to make it part of my routine. At first I tried writing in the evening reflecting on the day. That didn't work to well because that's when I spend time with my wife and that's a time I don't want to take away from. I tried in the morning, writing first thing to reflect on the day before. Unfortunately most days I didn't have time until after I was done with both CrossFit classes, and sometimes had early morning appointments which led to missing it altogether and trying to remember what to write later in the afternoon. Sometimes I would just blank out altogher and miss the day, then try to recall what was noteworthy from 2 or 3 days prior. It just was not working. Until today. Knowing that I didn't write yesterday I went to the journal early this morning to get caught up. I had time before the 6:00am class to get myself back on track, until I opened the book and saw that I hadn't written since last Monday, a full week. Knowing that there's no way I'm going to be able to back fill all of those days, and not wanting to skip them. I decided to call it a wrap on the journaling experiment.

Is this a failure, I don't know. Part of me says undoubtedly yes. Yes I tried something and didn't finish it, and ultimately quit. Part of me says no. No, because I was trying something new to see if I could get anything out of it that might help me be better, and it wasn't working so I quit wasting time with it. The one thing though that I can hang my hat on though is that I tried something new. I tried something outside of my comfort zone, and trying new things is always a win.

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