• Bryan Stoneking

What to do?

So now we're about 1 week deep into the nationwide "social distancing" and closures of most public places and events. While CFSOS is remaining open during this time for now, what are people supposed to do who can't go to work, can't go to their usually social activities or are choosing to avoid those situations on their own anyway? My recommendation would be to use your brain, read a book, do some crafts, or do a 1,000 piece puzzle. Social distancing does not mean to sit at home and stare at your phone or laptop all day looking at facebook and instagram. If you're choosing to stay home from the gym, or your gym has closed, do your workout at home. Go for a run, ride your bike, or take a long walk. Just don't waste away the days. Try this, get out a pen and paper and write a letter to someone you haven't seen in a long time, an actual letter not a text message. Use this time to the best you can. You might end up learning something about yourself.

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