• Bryan Stoneking

What is scaling all about?

For most of our workouts there is a prescribed way for it to be completed. Subscribed meaning specific movements, number of repetitions, and loading (weight). The workout was designed to create a certain response from the body and completing the workout Rx will give the maximum result. This does not apply to everyone. Because people are at all different stages of life, and fitness, we scale the workouts. Scaling does not mean you're weak, it is not a bad thing. In fact, scaling is usually the smart thing to do. When a workout is scaled appropriately, you body will elicit the exact physical response as the Rx was designed to do. Ex: If a task priority or "for time" workout is designed to be completed in the 7 minute range, you perform it Rx and finish in 12 minutes, you just had a bad workout. You didn't get what you were supposed to out of the session. Same goes for over scaling. If that same 7 minute target was achieved in 3 minutes, you scaled too much.

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