• Bryan Stoneking

What day is it?

Since this whole stay home, self quarantine, COVID-19 stuff has started you may be getting a little cabin fever. Without the everyday normal routine it can get pretty mind numbing for some. Hopefully you're able to work from home and still be productive for your company, yourself, and the people you serve in your work. My best advice is to try and keep to your "normal" routine as much as possible. Set your alarm to wake up at your regular time. If you're not working, use the time you would be working to work on stuff at home that is always on that to do list. Eat your regular meals at the usual times. Do your workout at the same time you normally would, and go to bed at your usual time. It's way too easy to fall out of your regular habits. This pandemic will eventually end, and when it does you don't want integrating back to regular to be a chore.

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