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Welcome to CFSOS

Becoming a member at CrossFit School of Sweat is relatively an easy thing to do. You fill out a couple of online forms, make a payment, and in theory, you're in. But let's be real for a minute. Joining a gym is usually the hardest part for those who don't already actively pursue

any type of exercise. Getting up the nerve to make the commitment and say to yourself "I'm ready to be uncomfortable, for the greater good of my health" is a very tough thing for sedentary people to do. Let's face it, working out is hard. If you want to make some real changes, you need to do some real work.

Luckily for the people who come here for exercise the transition is made as easy as possible. It starts with a 1-on-1 consultation where we meet, learn a little about you and why you're interested, and share with you how the program works and what you can expect from it. Then, to start your membership we take you through 4 personal training sessions (30 min. each) to introduce you to the 9 foundational CrossFit movements, along with a variety of other movements common to what we do. You'll also be introduced to some of the language we use (AMRAP, EMOM, for time...) so that when you come to your first class, you have an understanding of what to do, and how to do it. Even better though, is that you'll still be coached through every portion of the class experience. You're basically still getting personal training even when you're in the group since the class sizes are limited to 3 people at this time. When you sign up here, you'll be giving yourself a chance to have a much better experience on Earth, as well as a longer stay too.

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