• Bryan Stoneking

We're still going...

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Even though we're "closed for operations", we're not closed from doing our work. Now is the time to really dig deep and stay focused on why you joined this gym in the first place. Taking care of your physical being, stress relief, etc. All of that still applies and you need to not let a little social distancing deter you from that focus. Do the workout at home, use whatever equipment you have, or come get some on loan from me. Everyday there is a new workout posted and all of the necessary options are available for you to keep going. You can even use this time as an extra motivator for yourself. "When we get back to the gym I'll show everyone how much work I did" by showing up leaner, stronger and more determined than ever. Let's all do our part, and let's all do our work. If you find yourself just not motivated to do the workouts at home, remember, It's Supposed To Be Hard. This is just another variation of the hard. Overcome it, because you can.

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