• Bryan Stoneking

We're Back!

We will be opening up again on June 1st with our revamped gym layout and format. Gone are the days where we will try to cram 8 or 9 people into our small space so that everyone has a chance to participate. Now we will be capped at 3 people for a small group PT model of training. More specific attention will be able to be paid to each individual so that you can be coached to a greater capacity than before. We might miss the big groups from time to time, but there will still be the holidays and outside events where we can gather in large groups for a grand community workout together. We have some new protocols in place regarding how things are set up, cleaned, disinfected and put away. That will become the routine in a short time and then it will all seem like business as usual. It will be great to see everyone again and watching you move, sweat, and fight for every rep. One more week to go, then we're back!

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