• Bryan Stoneking

We need the Fonz

If you're a child of the 70's & early 80's you watched Happy Days. You also probably watched it with your whole family too because that's how it was then. Everybody watched Happy Days, everybody liked Fonzie. He was the "rebel" guy, former gang leader, high

school dropout, worked as a mechanic, and rode a motorcycle (without a helmet). He is where the word "cool" became such common place in our culture. He was cool. He would snap his fingers and girls would come running, he could turn on the jukebox by giving it a swift hit. Fonzie was the toughest dude in town, always wearing jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket. Yet, he chose to hang out with a bunch of "nerds". He even took residence living in a make shift apartment over the garage of the Cunningham family. Mrs. C would give him a thermos of coffee to take to work every morning and he smiled when she gave him a kiss on the cheek. He constantly gave advice to his nerd friends, but even though he was the cool guy with more life experience, he always went to Richie for advice too. He treated everyone with respect, regardless of how different they were from him. He was financially responsible as well. He always had money saved up when a situation called for it. Fonzie was cool, because he was real. He didn't say or act one way around a certain group of people and change based on the crowd he was around. In an episode on race relations, he brought in Sticks to play with the band. A black kid. Because he didn't see color, he saw a kid who could play drums. Yes, I realize the Fonz was a made up character by Gary Marshall, but I also realize we need more people like him.

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