• Bryan Stoneking

Turn Up The Heat, or Not

Winter is upon us. Yes, even here is SoCal where the weather makes us the envy of everywhere that's covered in snow and ice. Our winters may be a little different than what's happening in other parts of the country but it doesn't make it any less to deal with.

It's all relative to your normal environment. When we are used to one thing, there is an adjustment that comes when that thing is altered. Being accustomed to temperatures in the 70's and above leads us to be very used to t-shirts and shorts. Having to bundle up is not a natural way of life here. It's kind of like CrossFit.

CrossFit takes us out of our comfort zone, and brings us to a place we're uncomfortable. It helps us to deal with circumstances we would not normally choose to be in. What happens as a result is that our resilience to those things increases. We are no longer intimidated by having to run 5K, or lift heavy objects, or be upside down. Adapting to uncomfortable things is good for you, doing things that aren't necessarily fun is good for you. Trying to do hard things that are outside you realm of "normal" increases your ability to do more things, well.

Embrace these colder temperatures and know that you're becoming a better person for dealing with it. One of my favorites quotes from David Goggins, "you should do something that sucks everyday".

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