• Bryan Stoneking

To Stand or Not To Stand?

Recently you've seen countless companies from small local shops to major National operations posting or making TV commercials coming out in support of BLM, Pride etc. movements happening across our country. You've surely also seen things in the news or social media regarding the counter side of these groups. Of course, there's literally no way possible to avoid the constant barrage of Republican vs Democrat, left vs right, Trump vs everyone else either. It's an unbelievably contentious time to be an American here in 2020. You may wonder on which side of these debates does CFSOS stand? As the owner/operator of this small business I will gladly share the side that CFSOS represents.

CFSOS has no side. It is a business. A corporation formed on legal documents. It is a website, a logo, a bank account, an emotionless entity that takes no sides on issues because it has no opinions or feelings. It doesn't vote. It doesn't protest issues, nor does it support them. It is a business that operates to serve a purpose for those who utilize it. If you were to ask me what my take is on a certain topic or event, I will gladly share it with you. But that would be my opinion, not that of the CrossFit affiliate gym known as CrossFit School of Sweat.

See you in the gym!

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