• Bryan Stoneking

The new normal, I hope not

For the first time since March 19th I ventured out into the public world. I had been doing my part by staying home, having groceries delivered and leaving the confines of my property only to pick up my mail and to pick up take out food from a drive up a couple of times. Yesterday I made a trip to Target and Costco for some much needed items. I wore a mask in the stores (as required) and kept my distance from the other patrons. It was weird, you couldn't see anybody's faces. Plexiglas barriers were in place between the checkers and paying customers. The stores were quiet and not crowded at all. While not nearly the same, it gave me a sense of a post apocalyptic world you see in movies. This has to go away eventually right? The medical sciences will come up with a vaccine for those who may get infected right? Eventually the masks, plexiglas and restrictions will be removed right? The world will once again be opened up for people to use freely right? The sooner the better because this is not a world I want to be a part of. Whatever the professionals are telling we need to do to end this as soon as possible, we should all be doing, even if you disagree with the recommendation. Unless you have a proven method with validation that you can share with the rest of society, please do your part so that we can end this, quickly.

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