• Bryan Stoneking

Spring has Sprung

A couple of week's back we had Daylight Savings, six days later we had the first day of Spring. All around my backyard the trees are getting their leaves and blossoms, plants are

sprouting, birds are singing, and my beautiful wife has started her vegetable garden. Spring is upon us!

The best part of the season too is the fact that we can get outside is some nice temperatures and connect with nature. Fresh air, sunshine, plants, trees. We've been, well most, locked in our houses for a year due to this pandemic. It's waning down very quickly now. So many people have had it and become immune through exposure, vaccines are being given at a tremendous rate for those who want it, and the term "herd immunity" is becoming a reality. It's no longer time to be afraid. Some states have even completely opened up their societies.

Embrace this springtime season as a rebirth, for yourself. Get outside and enjoy the world. Get off the computers, tablets and phones. Soak up the sun, breathe in the air, get off the couch. Come up with a plan to spend more time outside, less time on the screen. Studies have shown that those who are outside are generally more happy and healthy. That seems like a good thing to me.

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