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  • Bryan Stoneking

Smoking is Stupid

I was in a grocery store a couple of days ago waiting in line and the large sign over the cigarette stand caught my eye. Big lettering claimed LOW PRICE $9.44 per pack. I was

absolutely astonished. The first thing I though to myself was how does anyone afford this habit?

I mean of course we all know the tremendous list of health risks involved with smoking, but the cost of the habitual detriment to ones body is what blew me away. Of course I had to start doing some basic math and here's the costs I calculated, with tax, using a habit of 1 pack per day.

Daily - $10.17

Weekly - $71.19

Monthly - $305.10

Yearly - $3,701.88

O-M-G! How can anyone justify to themselves spending these amounts of money on something that has no benefit to you what-so-ever? Even if you earn such a living that these expenses aren't affecting your personal bottom line, it's still a tremendous waste of resources. Think of all the debt that could be relieved is a person was to apply their cig money to their credit card bills or student loans? How about the IRA money that could be put away towards ones future? A decent vacation can be taken for $3,700.00, or an updated wardrobe.

Too many people in our society are living in debt because they don't know how to manage their income and live within their means. Add wasteful spending on top of that and it's a cyclone of trouble that is nearly impossible to get out of. I could rant on that for awhile but today I'm trying to just focus on the wasted money of a cigarette habit. Not even the absolute devastation it causes to the human body.

I would encourage you to share the numbers above with anyone you know who smokes. If they don't think the health consequences are enough of a reason to quit, let them know how much this disgusting, smelly, skin damaging, lung crushing, cancer causing habit is costing them financially. Maybe that will wake them up to the truth.

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