• Bryan Stoneking

Sick of COVID-19

Note the title is Sick "of" COVID-19, not "from". I don't want to seem like I'm down playing the effect this new virus can have on people. It is no joke that many people have died as a result of getting it. The biggest problem I'm having, the longer this carries on is the fact that the thing all of our "leaders" are trying to do is shield the population from it, rather than prepare the population to handle it. This sickness will have the worst effect on people who are already unhealthy. The greater level of unhealthy, the greater at risk a person is. Why is there not on emphasis being placed on proper nutrition and exercise, quit smoking, limiting alcohol consumption? America is fat. Being fat and/or obese puts you at risk for so many chronic diseases that have simply become acceptable in our society today. Why? Our country needs to be slapped into reality. You're going to live a miserable life of pain and discomfort, spend way too much time at Dr. visits, and too much money on medications, and ultimately die earlier than you should. Eat real food, in adequate portions, cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates, and exercise regularly. Then, even is a virus like COVID-19 got you, it would run it's course and go away. You would carry on after just a few days of nothing more than the standard cold and flu symptoms. Follow the link below to see how the pre-existing conditions are what proves to be the most dangerous part.

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