• Bryan Stoneking

September Comeback

As we enter into this 2nd week of September I'm feeling a little bit excited for the status of our gym community. While we are still dealing with some of the backlash of the pandemic with our modified class structure, limited capacity, and some social disconnect, things are looking up. We recently had an offsite park workout for a 5K run, and yesterday we had another with our Labor Day workout. It was great to see a large group of us together again in one location doing what we love. We have also added two new members this month. While it's great to have added Julie and Debbie into the community, it will make it a little tougher on scheduling while the restrictions are still in place. We will get through it though because the CFSOS community is absolutely fantastic when it comes to working together and helping each other out. Not to get all political here, because that's not what this blog is for, but I'm confident things will be changing more towards what used to be "normal" in the coming months too. COVID will become a controllable thing as much as any other common illness and we will be able to go about our lives as we used to. Until then we will continue to respectfully work within the guidelines put forth and do our best. Our best is all we can do and it's always enough. But, September is looking good for the CFSOS family.

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