• Bryan Stoneking

Open, sort of

While our state government is still not allowing for group fitness activities, the restrictions have been lessened. As part of the re-opening of our state slowly begins I've decided that we will proceed with private sessions (2 people max) to re-open the gym for those who feel safe to come in for a workout. These sessions will be preceded by a full cleaning of the gym facility, a division of the space with each side housing it's own set of equipment so sharing is not necessary or even crossing paths to get equipment. I will continue to provide daily workouts and instructional videos for our members who choose to workout at home, and for those who can't come to the gym daily. We're limiting in gym opportunities at two per person for now to make sure everyone has a chance to attend. I have a good supply of cleaning and disinfecting materials as well as hand sanitizer. I'm confident we will keep our members safe and will provide the best opportunity possible to maintain, and improve health and fitness during the remainder of the pandemic.


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