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  • Bryan Stoneking

No Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc...

There is a reason I never offer any discounts, special start up offers, or sales gimmicks to the CFSOS membership. It is simple. I'm not going to work for less money. But there is also

another component to that which is geared towards the client. In the world of health, wellness, exercise, weight loss, or any combination of the above the bottom line is you have to be committed to the process to obtain success. In my opinion, if you're looking for a bargain you most likely aren't fully committed to the process and what it will require of you. The fact that you don't want to pay for it tells me this. If you really are investing in yourself, why would you base your decision on the cheap method.

Granted I realize that living within your budget is also important. In fact it's very important. But, spending appropriately for quality service is just as important. For that reason, you need to make sure you're really going to get what you want. If you settle for a dumbed down gym experience you won't be excited to go. You'll easily be able to justify skipping a day, then two... A program that will keep you engaged, intrigued, challenged and entertained should be the priority, not the cost.

So as you start to talk to yourself about getting in shape in 2022, don't look at price, look at the program, coaching, environment and find what will work for your fitness. Don't be cheap!

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