• Bryan Stoneking

Lockdown tactics

Today is Monday, March 23 2020. This will be the first full week of mandated isolation and social distancing. Many businesses are closed, a lot of business are operating with people working from home. This is affecting everyone whether they have contracted COVID-19 or not. How do we keep ourselves sane???

1. maintain as much normalcy as possible - Wake up at the same time, eat meals as usual, work your regular schedule and if you're working from home, eat at the usual time.

2. get up, showered and dressed - I mean, follow you're normal routine just as if you're going to work.

3. don't get bored - If you're not "working", or working much less than usual, take advantage of the time productively. Clean out the messy closet, organize the mess in the garage...

4. do your workout - Whatever time of day you go to the gym, go to the gym. Sure the gym might be in your own garage or back yard, but go and do your workout.

Keeping your days clock to the regular routine as much as possible will help you get back to normal quicker when this is all over.

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