• Bryan Stoneking

Living distant

Today, March 31 2020 we are living in a world we've never known before. So many things that were considered vital to our lives have been taken away from us due to COVID-19 and the need to stay isolated as a means of prevention. Things like movies, trips to the department stores, professional, collegiate, and even youth sports have all been shut down for an undetermined amount of time. For many people the actual ability to earn a living. That's crazy to consider. Now isn't the time to debate whether or not you agree with the medical professionals and governments recommendations, but simply comply. Let's just stick it out, get through it the best we can, and hopefully get back to normal ASAP. In the meantime, try to make the best of your at-home situation. Work remotely if you're able, do some yard work, spring cleaning, get your exercise in. Try not to spend a bunch of time watching TV, or scrolling through your facebook feed. Read a book, try cooking some new recipes, play some board games with your family. Stay home, so we can go out again soon.

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