• Bryan Stoneking


Journaling is something I have never done. While I've know plenty of people who have done it, recommend it, and advocate for it, I have never felt it necessary to do or even try for

myself. So that probably means I should.

For my birthday last week my wife bought me a journal. She's pretty smart, knows I don't journal, so she probably thinks I would get something out of it. I'll take her up on that and start writing in it today. This will be a nice starter journal for me as it's laid out in a 60 day plan. It comes with a daily motivational quote, writing space, then 3 topic questions to answer each day. What went right? What went wrong? What can be improved? Lastly it ends with a rating scale 1-10 to rate your "mirror of truth".

I will use this 60 day intro to journaling to document my training leading up to my first

Half-Marathon which is about five weeks away, and then my follow up training as I continue my CrossFit training and future Marathon.

Perhaps this experience will be something I really enjoy and am able to learn from, perhaps not? But one thing for sure is that I will be trying something new, something I've never done before. That I how we continue to grow and develop as human beings. Otherwise we stagnate and just exist rather than live. If something has the chance of making me a better man, than I'm willing to give it a try.

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