• Bryan Stoneking

It's the 2020 CrossFit Games, but that's not us.

This week the 2020 CrossFit Games will begin. Athletes from across the globe will compete for the title "Fittest on Earth". Of course, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, alterations had to

be made to the normal competition format. This season the qualifiers (based on previous events that were completed) will begin the competition at their home gyms and then the top 5 male and female athletes will gather at "The Ranch" in Aromas California where the Games were first founded 12 years ago. While the CrossFit Games is still a small event compared to major team sports, you can watch it if you're curious to see what it's all about. They have streaming services available and you can find out all the info by clicking on the picture above. What is important to remember when you're watching these great athletes compete is, while they're doing CrossFit in a competition setting, they're not doing the CrossFit that we do in the gym on a daily basis. These are the elite, the top 1%, the equivalent to watching Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James. DO NOT make the mistake of comparing what we do in the gym, and your own personal performance, to what they do. Just enjoy viewing it knowing that you CAN do what they're doing on the appropriate scale. Just like every weekend you see people out on basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields. We don't play recreational sports thinking we need to be as good as the top level competitors, so don't think you need to do CrossFit that way either. Marvel at their strength, stamina, speed, power, and determination. That's what the CrossFit Games is for, not for you to think you're not as good as your supposed to be.

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