• Bryan Stoneking

It's Playoff Time

My favorite sport is baseball. It's the sport I played the most growing up as a kid. It's the game that I coached my kids through during their younger days. It's the place we would go on summer nights to watch the Dodgers or Angels play. It is a tremendous game of skill and

athleticism. Can you imagine any other sport that credits you as an elite performer if you're successful only 30% of the time? Would Tom Brady be the legend he is if he only completed 30% of his passes? How about if Lebron James only made 30% of his shots? Serena Williams only makes 30% of her serves? Baseball players deal with this type of "failure" on a daily basis.

That's part of the reason why I think baseball is so great. Because it's so hard. Another great aspect of baseball that I think is overlooked is the fast action. Now don't mistake fast action for fast pace. One thing that drives me crazy is the way the pace of the game has slowed down over the past 15-20 years. But, the action is always fast. Once the ball is put in play everything is full speed. The fielder sprinting to get in position to make the play, the batter racing to first base, any other runners advancing or fielders getting in position to receive a throw of back up the play are going full speed. It demands quick reflexes and countless hours of practice to know exactly what to do and where to be the instant the ball is put in play. The hand/eye coordination is of course off the charts too. Consider that the pitcher is standing 60'6" from home plate as he starts his pitching motion. By the time he finishes his delivery (stride) the he's about 4' closer. That means the ball is coming at the batter from a distance of about 56 feet at 90+ mph. Consider the batters reaction time to first, decide if he's going to swing, then put his swing into motion! It's less than 1 second! It's pretty astonishing that anyone ever hits the ball really.

Baseball is hard and that's what makes it great. Enjoy the MLB Postseason and appreciate the incredible amount of talent that is on display.

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