• Bryan Stoneking

It's Not Easy, It Shouldn't Be

Our tagline at CFSOS is, "It's Supposed To Be Hard". We believe and embrace that 100% because the truth is anything that's substantial is hard to obtain, and anything that is hard

to obtain, is hard to hold onto. I will never sugar coat or tell our members otherwise, nor would I do that to a prospective client. I'm not going to blow smoke at you telling you how fit you'll become in 4 weeks, how much weight you'll lose in 30 days, or how you'll see your 6-pack abs with only 8 minutes a day. The bottom line is that there is no quick fix. It takes hard work, it takes a commitment to the process, and it takes time. That doesn't mean that it can't be done. It just means you have to be patient with the process and stick to it. It also means you have to really be committed to it for it to work. Even those who have had short term, quick success stories in weight loss are usually not going to sustain it. The popular TV show "The Biggest Loser" doesn't work for the majority of their participants. In a 2017 article from Business Insider (click pic for link) it highlights how many have regained the weight they lost, and some have even gained more than what they started with. It's because you have to make changes, permanent ones to have permanent results. Just going to the gym doesn't mean you had a good work out. You have to put in serious work while you're there. Eating healthier 5 days a week and then having "cheat days" over the weekend also doesn't help. It's not easy, it's not quick, but it is doable. This week CFSOS is very proud to announce that one of our members, Anjanette reached the 100# lost milestone she has been working towards. She first joined our gym February 1, 2019. It wasn't a quick fix, it wasn't an easy process. It will be a sustainable result though because of her dedication to the lifestyle of better nutritional choices, daily exercise and not going back. Congratulations from all of us Anjanette for knowing there's no quick fix, it's hard, it's a long process, but knowing that rest of your life will be longer, healthier and more enjoyable due to the work you continue to put in everyday.

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