• Bryan Stoneking

It's inevitable

As soon as things got crazy, then got a little crazier, then they basically shut down the world

on us, we had to know changes were coming to the way we live. With that comes a change to the way we exercise and participate in our gym. There will be new class structures, scheduling, arrival and departure routines, and more. New cleaning protocols to follow (even though I kept a pretty damn clean space before) for weekly, daily, and even between class procedures. The one thing I've constantly heard through all of the Covid-19 reports I've read or watched is that the virus hits hardest to those whose bodies are not strong. Our gym is essential in my opinion because we have helped to generate improved health in our members. We have medical proof of this from our members and their Doctors. Let's do our part to spread the word how important CrossFit is to the health and wellness industry!

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