• Bryan Stoneking

It's hot, so what

Here in the Temescal Valley are of the Inland Empire, Riverside County, California, we are experiencing a strong heatwave. Our temperatures will exceed 100* everyday this week. Our gym has no air conditioning, but we do have some good fans which keep the air

circulating nicely. But yes, it will still be very hot in our space during your workouts this week. GOOD. I will still do my work everyday because that's part of my job as the Head Coach here. I must experience every workout for myself so that I'll have a better understanding of how to coach you through it. I would expect all of the members here to show up and do their work as well. The class times are 50 minutes, you'll be in a covered area, with good air movement, you'll have the ability to take a cool drink when you need one, then you can go home to your AC, pool, cold shower or whatever you need to cool yourself down. THIS is exactly why we do CrossFit. To be prepared for the unknown and unknowable. What if you're car broke down somewhere on the desert highway between Barstow and Las Vegas? You'd need to be able to adapt to the extreme heat. Consider this week preparation for an unwanted and hopefully never happening extreme situation. The time you're working out will suck and you'll be miserable. That will make the feeling of satisfaction and pride in finishing it a little more rewarding than usual too. See you in the gym.

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