• Bryan Stoneking

I miss September 12th, 2001

Well like most people I know, you're probably sick of 2020. This has been a disastrous year basically from the outset. Don't forget the tragedy that happened back in January. The helicopter crash that took the life of Kobe Bryant and 8 others. That almost seems like a forgotten instance given everything else that has transpired. The COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented (at least in my lifetime) ramifications far beyond anything I could've ever imagined happening in our world. This is not a post to cast blame, just to acknowledge the inconceivable amount of upheaval that has happened as a result. Many jobs lost, businesses closed temporarily, then permanently. Family get gatherings, movies, live sports, concerts, theater, all gone too. What the hell has happened to our world? Then, right in the middle of all that, a man unfortunately loses his life while being subdued by the police (again, this is not a post to cast blame) and all hell breaks loose, ACROSS THE WHOLE COUNTRY. Cities are being destroyed, many of the businesses that survived the COVID-19 pandemic in those cities have now been destroyed by riots, looting and an even greater amount of violence. Then, it happens again... To compound all of this incredible kayos, it's an election year. That just seems to exacerbate everything into a political power struggle in which the parties are trying to use all the uneasiness for their political gains.

I hate to say this, but, remember how great September 12, 2001 was? You know what happened on Sept. 11th, the terrorist attacks that took the twin towers in New York, part of the Pentagon building, and another plane that was fortunately taken down before it could be used as a weapon. But September 12th, while our country was in shock, disbelief, and hurting, we were all one. There was no black vs white, there was no Republican vs Democrat. It was Americans. Citizens of the U.S.A. is what we were, and we were proud of it. We were all brothers and sisters standing together under the Stars and Stripes unified as one. We were all sad for those who perished, regardless of their race. We were all willing to help those in need, regardless of their views. We were Americans and proud of it. I miss September 12th, 2001. I hope to live in a United States like that again someday. I hope it's soon.

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