• Bryan Stoneking

I'm Stealing This, But It's Okay

If you've been in my gym anytime over the past week you've probably heard me tell you about "Remember Tomorrow". It's a phrase I got from a book I just finished reading by Jesse Itzler titled Living with the Monks. It might sound a little impossible to remember something that hasn't even happened yet, but you have to know the context. Remember tomorrow refers to when you're going through something hard, something really hard, something you want to quit early and just say to yourself, I gave it a shot. Remember Tomorrow is the question to ask yourself right before you quit, call it done, decide not to finish. As yourself how you'll feel tomorrow when you reflect back on your decision to pack it in, quit prematurely, not finish the task. Think about how you'll feel at that time, and then you'll end up deciding that you don't want to answer that question. You will be able to dig a little deeper, focus a little more intently, persevere a little longer. Then your time of reflection will be one of accomplishment, pride and fulfillment. So the next time your facing that tough challenge, ask yourself to Remember Tomorrow.

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