• Bryan Stoneking

How's That 2021 Working So Far?

We're now just over two weeks into the new year. The nightmare of 2020 is over, the beginning of 2021 is upon us. Everything is going to be all better now right? Isn't that what everyone told us? So far, not so much.

Here in SoCal the Rona pandemic is still thriving, most small business's are still ordered to be closed, nobody is allowed to have large family gatherings of any kind, etc. It's just as if 2020 has gone into overtime. But wait, there's hope because the new Biden team will be in the White House later this week right? Probably not. I don't want to get into a political rant here because this is not the forum for it. But, I really don't think the President (Trump or Biden) has anything to do with how much the Rona is spreading throughout the country. One man cannot be responsible for stopping an invisible virus and how it affects 330 million people. Basically we need to keep doing what we're doing. Take the appropriate precautions, and get on with your life the best you can.

That means keep working toward you health and fitness. As I've said over and over, and the science, (THE SCIENCE! which is such a great thing to be thrown around these days), clearly states that those with the underlying conditions are most likely to be affected the worst. Keep, or get, yourself healthy. Cut out the sugars and processed foods. Quit with the energy and "sports" drinks (Gatorade is not your friend). Exercise regularly, everyday if possible, and I'm sure you can find 30 minutes everyday to do something. If you've picked up the quarantine 15, lose it, now.

Doing what's good for yourself shouldn't wait until the Rona has subsided. You can, and should be doing it now. You owe it to yourself to be better than you are, regardless of where you are now. Don't settle, keep grinding, and keep working hard.

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