• Bryan Stoneking

Don't Waste Your Time

I'm all for getting a coffee from Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or maybe some other small chain local shop. To be honest I frequent a Starbucks location too often. One thing that makes it

easy for me is their mobile app where you can order and pay ahead. Your drink is ready and waiting for you to pick up when you arrive at the store. In and out in less than 2 minutes on most occasions.

The reason for this blog though is to point out how much time people actually waste. now, I realize how convenient the drive thru can be, when necessary due to time, and not absurdly overcrowded as the one in this picture. But let's not be afraid to park the car and get out. This pic was taken yesterday after I had picked up my coffee. The line at this drive thru is 8 cars deep, BEFORE the order speaker, then another 4 cars to the pick up window. How much time is going to be spent sitting in your car waiting for your order? These are the types of things Americans take part in everyday throughout our SoCal suburbs. These are also a lot of the people who say they don't have time to exercise. They would save a tremendous amount of time if they walked inside, ordered, and waited for the item to be made, but that would require getting out of your car and walking. Even if you didn't use the app to order ahead you could save a lot of time. Have we become so sedentary as a society though that something as simple as this would be passed on so we can stay seated in our car, scrolling through our social media feed while we wait? What is it other than sheer laziness? This is why the basic act of walking has now become known as exercise. Because it's now something that requires effort. Walking for miles to get from place to place used to be common practice, how you got from here to there, a means of transportation. Now, America is fat, lazy, and sedentary. Getting out of a car, walking though a parking lot and back is an inconvenience, too much effort. So, next time you're out, park the car, get out and move a little, and order ahead to save time if you need to. It's not too much to put yourself through, and if you think it is, then you need to do it even more.

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