• Bryan Stoneking

December Determined

The holiday season is officially upon us. Last week with the celebration of Thanksgiving we have once again hit the season of endless parties, excessive hustle and bustle, shopping, and seemingly everything else possible to take us out of our normal routine. Even in this

disastrous year of 2020 with all of the lockdowns, minimal gatherings, lay offs, travel restrictions etc., I'm sure the holiday season will still be just as busy as ever. Especially as the natives are getting restless having been restricted for nearly a year now.

One thing I always try to emphasize to our CFSOS members is that you shouldn't let the extra curricular activities deter you from what you consider important throughout the rest of the calendar year. Don't let yourself fall into the easy trap of skipping workouts because you need to go shopping or you want to get to a party of some kind. I'm not saying not to do those things. But you owe it to yourself to squeeze in the extra stuff AFTER the stuff that's been so important to you all year. Stay determined to keep your fitness on track through the month of December. Go to the parties, have some delicious holiday treats, just don't overdue it and ruin what you've worked so hard for all year. The last thing you want to do is roll into January like you're starting all over again.

This month we have a contest in the gym call December Determination. Keep that mindset. Determined. It is possible to enjoy the season and still get to the gym and stick to your mindful eating habits.

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