• Bryan Stoneking

Dad Bod - Is That Really What You Want

I'm sure you've heard about the term Dad Bod. It's taken off over the past few years as just another societal excuse for being lazy. With this post I'm not trying to present the argument

that every dude out there should be rocking 6 pack abs and biceps like the 1970's Schwarzenegger. But do we really need to let ourselves go so much that we create a persona to be proud of because of it?

Where's the pride in self? Where's the accountability to your family? Yes, to your family. Men are supposed to be the leaders of the family. It's what we were designed and created to be. With that comes a responsibility to be an example, role model, influencer. Actually men, whether you want to believe it or not you are an influencer to your family, especially your kids. The lifestyle habits you establish and model will be watched, learned, and repeated in some degree by your children. It is your responsibility to take your health and wellness serious so that your children will learn from you to do the same. Also, so that you'll be around long term as a life participant with them and their children.

Obesity is running rampant throughout America, especially childhood obesity. Men need to step up their roles and set the examples for the family. The food and beverage industries are poisoning those who choose to not pay attention. That combined with the technology advancements in our society make it even easier to be fat and lazy.

Since I started my gym 7 years ago the membership base has always been at about 80% women, 20% men. Why? Is it the male ego? Are men holding onto their youth and thinking they can still do the things they did 20 years ago athletically? I promise you can't. What keeps a man from thinking he needs to exercise regularly? If you stand up straight and look down, what do you see? Is it your shoelaces, toes, or stomach?

I've also seen reports of surveys where women claim to like the Dad Bod over a more fit physique. I call BS on that because most women that answer that way only do so because they don't want to offend their man. I would guess it's a pretty rare exception that a women would prefer a fat belly and man boobs to be next to her in the bedroom.

It's Father's Day this Sunday. I'm pleading with men everywhere to make this the last one you celebrate with a Dad Bod. You deserve better for yourself, and your family deserves better from you too.

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