• Bryan Stoneking

Clearing Out the Clutter

How much time do you spend going through your inbox everyday? How much of that time is spent deleting emails without even opening them? Really, it doesn't take a lot of time. If you

are going through them on your computer or phone, it's really just a click or tap. But come on, it's kind of a hassle right? You have to go through a monatonous amount of emails just to get to the ones that really matter to you. What a waste. The other thing is, when you open the email folder and see you have 22 new messages it kind of gets your mind racing a little bit. Like you have some overwhelming amount of stuff to do all of a sudden that you hadn't planned on, only to realize that most of it is garbage. Those emails from a company you bought from online, once, 3 years ago, and is still emailing you 4 times a week. You don't need that in your life.

One really simple thing to do is to open all those dreaded emails, and hit the unsubscribe button. Especially the ones coming from places that you never open anyway. Trim your inbox down to important stuff only. It's a little freeing to rid yourself of stuff that isn't what you want in the first place. Because sometimes the best additions are subtractions. Substract stuff that's meaninglessly time consuming and you'll add a few more minutes to your day.

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