• Bryan Stoneking

Changes Are Coming

With the re-open phases starting up, the CFSOS gym experience will be returning soon as well. Of course, like every other business that is opening back up there will be new protocols in place for cleaning/maintenance by the facility management (me), and by the patrons who participate in the use of the space (you). There will be changes to the memberships offered as well as the limits on class size. This may seem a bit inconvenient at first because of the outstanding experience we delivered prior to the lockdown, but what I'm working on will ultimately provide a greater exercise experience for the customer. Our group classes will still be offered, but the smaller size classes will provide a more streamlined flow and create a better opportunity to coach and be coached. I'll be hard at work putting the new operational guidelines in place, and to be honest, they might need to be tweaked a little as we go. That's okay though. As we learn, we grow, we improve, we get better.


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