• Bryan Stoneking

Borrow, or Steal

There's a saying I've heard over and over when listening to business coaches speak, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal". Now before I go on with this let me clarify I am not condoning unlawful theft in any capacity. What this is referencing is taking someone else's idea and expanding on it and making your own thing out of it. That said, I had to borrow and steal a little bit myself while out on my run this morning. I was putting in a longer distance for the purpose of pushing my capacity outside of the normal level I'm accustomed to. When my right hip started cramping up I reminded myself of our gym's tagline, It's Supposed To Be Hard. Then when my knees started aching I thought of Josh Bridges and his #paytheman and Mat Fraser and his #hwpo and eventually David Goggins and his #stayhard. I borrowed their mantras and pushed through to the end. So when you're grinding through a workout, a project for work, something messy that you just want to quit, don't. Find something you can use and #justdoit.

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