• Bryan Stoneking

Because We Need To

Since the reopening after the initial shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have added 4 new members to our CrossFit group classes. The social distancing requirements

that have been laid out by the State and County caused me to reconfigure our gym layout to a 3 person per class model. The 3 person aspect was not the requirement though, three was more of a matter of convenience and asthetics. I could easily divide up our space three ways, and already had 3 of everything equipment wise. Now, due to our slow but strong comeback, I need to create space for a 4th person to join the classes. We've recently added three new members in September. Our available spots per week will not be enough for everyone to attend the classes they're paying for. So starting October 1st our classes will be available for four people at a time. Make your reservations and come get your fitness!

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