• Bryan Stoneking

Based on the Science

I have heard the word science more since the beginning of 2020 than I had heard it during all the previous years of my life, combined. Ever since the Rona came on the scene everything is science this, science that, science science science. Well hears some more.

Did you know the CrossFit methodology for training and achieving fitness is based on scientific theory? What Greg Glassman did was develop a mathematical formula to determine how to gauge ones fitness. That is, force x distance / time. This is how you can measure output. Without regurgitating the entire Level 1 seminar lecture, it's the ability to move large loads, long distances, quickly. The greater the capacity to do that, the more fitness you possess.

He also determined how to measure power. Power output would be the amount of work that can be accomplished divided by the amount of time it takes to do it. All of this then is determined by intensity. Intensity equals ones power. It is measurable, observable and repeatable, which is how your fitness level can be measured. With CrossFit we seek to accomplish a level of fitness that specializes in nothing, yet has a high capacity across all 10 of the general physical skills.

The CrossFit Games just concluded last weekend culminating the end to the 2021 competitive CrossFit season. The Fittest on Earth were crowned, Tia Claire Toomey of Austrailia and Justin Medeiros of U.S.A. These two made it through the worldwide Open, Sanctional events, Semifinal events and then the ultimate 15 events at the Games. They proved to have the greatest level of overall fitness. This is much different than the Olympics which are currently taking place. The Olympic athletes, which are great, are specialists. They do one thing at an extremely high level. The "fitness" level for most of them is not what you may think it is. Do you really think the long distance runner can perform a heavy barbell clean and jerk? Can the shot put athlete do high skill gymnastics work of the rings, or vice versa? While these do require a great deal of training and skill development, they aren't a well rounded athlete like a CrossFit athlete is.

We take that well rounded approach to our everyday training so that we can be better prepared for anything that life may throw at us. We call this GPP or general physical preparedness. CrossFit has us designed to be able to go hike a mountain, help a friend move, dig a hole to plant a tree, pick up your grandkids, carry in your groceries, or whatever else life puts in your path. The method is based on variance, functional movements with real life application, and relative intensity. It's based on science.

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