• Bryan Stoneking

August into September

As we start up the final week of August, here's some random observations from the past few weeks at CFSOS.

  1. The temperatures have been relentlessly hot the past couple of weeks and our members have shown up and done their work. Excellent!

  2. Everyone has been putting forth great efforts during the workouts and really pushing themselves to try more or harder things.

  3. The camaraderie aspect of our community is still very high even though we've been limited to a 3 person cap per class.

  4. As the Coach, I feel a greater responsibility to push myself a little harder as a result of seeing the efforts of our members. Accountability!

  5. Labor Day is fast approaching (2 weeks from when I'm writing this) and I'm really looking forward to a large group gathering at the park to see our whole group working out together.

This week I'm starting New Member PT with Julie and she'll be integrating herself into our classes starting in September. Let's keep this momentum going as we all work together to do our part of making ourselves better, stronger, healthier for our families and community. Let's be the example for all of Temescal Valley that if you do the right things to take care of yourself, nothing can stop you.

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