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Our technology is killing us. Not literally, but kind of literally. With the advances of technology our lives have become so much simpler. It really is a blessing to be living in 2021

as opposed to 1821, or even 1921. Today's generation has no idea of life without a microwave oven, wireless phones, automatic transmissions, and so much more. But, the thing that has prompted this blog is our dependence on the advances in technology and how we as a society have become lazy and soft because of it. Just look at the pic here of an actual package delivered by Amazon. It has a special red sticker on it to notify that this box is "heavy". When you zoom onto the label you see that it has been weighed at 8.4 lbs. EIGHT POINT FOUR POUNDS?!?! What kind of society are we living in when this is considered heavy? People who work in warehouses are required to have the ability to lift a certain amount of weight, same for the delivery drivers obviously. So who is the notification for? I'll tell you. It's for the everyday person who may be receiving the package because the shipping department has no idea of the person receiving it. What this means is that Amazon has some kind of rule in place that a package of (insert weight) must be labeled as heavy as a warning to the recipient.

Our society has become so dependent on technology that lifting anything is an effort. We have become so complacent in doing nothing that we can't even open the freezer door to get ice. We want the ice to come through the door directly into our glass because pulling it open is too strenuous. The Doctor I go to is located in a two story building on the 2nd floor. I see countless people standing waiting for the elevator as I walk to the staircase, and get up before them anyway. How many times do you wait for another person to leave a parking spot up close to the store so you can park, rather than just park a little farther away? If you did take the farther away spot the only consequence would be walking. Yet you see it happen all the time because people don't want to take the effort of walking. In fact, we are so adverse to the basic form of human movement from one place to another, that it is now commonly referred to as exercise.

Webster's Dictionary defines exercise as: exertion for the sake of training or improvement whether physical, intellectual, or moral; So walking, the most basic form of human movement from place to place is considered exertion. Really? We need to move people. Move our bodies with intent. We need real exercise. Lift weights, run, run fast, push things, pull things and carry heavy stuff. If we did this an 8 lb. box wouldn't be marked as heavy.

Do yourself a favor and rely a little less on technology and a little more on doing things for yourself.

P.S. If you tell Alexa to turn the lights on for you, you've gotten way too soft and lazy.

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