• Bryan Stoneking

Affiliate vs Franchise

So you may have heard about some CrossFit stuff in the news, maybe saw some headlines, or maybe somebody asked you something because they know you do CrossFit. In short, the

founder and 100% sole owner of the company, Greg Glassman, had a bad week on social media. He made some incentive remarks and then his apology didn't go over very well either. He though, has nothing to do with our gym here. Not anything in the way it operates, how the classes are structured, what our price points are, or even what workouts we do. This is the difference in an affiliate compared to a franchise. I've been to dozens of CrossFit affiliates and every one is different. The only things that are the same is the exercise methodology, and that most have "CrossFit" somewhere in their name. A franchise on the other hand, well go into any fast food chain or Starbucks. They're all pretty much the same, same menu, same employee uniforms, same floor design in most cases too. The franchise model is designed to be replicas of each other so head speaks for everyone. CrossFit, Inc. is a major company, but the affiliates are all individually owned and operated by entrepreneurs who have a love of the training methodology, and a love of helping people. We speak for ourselves. Our community within the walls of this gym are what make it so effective for the members. They've developed an accountability within themselves. "I don't want to miss a class because I know _____ is going to be there too." is said often. CFSOS is an affiliate of CrossFit, Inc. and we are our own entity. I will continue to be an affiliate despite what may have happened on the corporate level, because I believe in the greatness of CrossFit and the purpose that the company was founded upon.

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