• Bryan Stoneking

Acceptance = Weakness

I was listening to a podcast earlier this week which referenced the old book "I'm Okay, You're Okay". The pod host was using this phrase as a reference point that accepting

things as they are, is not good enough. The okay attitude is a sign of not wanting to do anything that will take substantial effort so you'd rather just accept the consequences that result. This is basically being weak of mind, body, and spirit. Unfortunately it is the celebrated norm of our current American society.

It all started in my opinion back when there became a need (for some unknown reason) to be politically correct. You could no longer say it like it is because it might hurt somebodies feelings. We can't have that. So we have to sugarcoat everything to be nice, soft. The result is people don't hear what they really need to hear, and people don't say what they really need to say. Now we have a weak minded, weak bodied society that celebrates overweight unhealthy people for being overweight and unhealthy.

Everything is super sized. Look at the portion sizes, look at the TV ads, look at the billboards. It's all catered toward making us unhealthy, fat, sugar addicted, and weak. It is so bad that now mannequins are built as out of shape and beer bellied, duplicates of what society has become. Look how good your fat gut will look in this shirt! Try the blue one too! I'm not here to pass judgment on overweight people. I'm here to tell the truth and help them fix it.

Nobody sets out to become fat. Too many though are willing to accept it and live with it once it happens. Way too many. They've taken physical education out of public schools, and replaced it with soda machines and a cafeteria full of crap. Let's get this thing turned in the right direction people. Quit going back for seconds, maybe a little less beer a little less often. Drink some water, eat some vegetables and fruit. And for crying out loud get to the gym!

p.s. Joey Chestnut eating 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes is not athletic, nor sport.

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