• Bryan Stoneking


I was listening to the Jim Rome podcast this week and the guest was NFL executive Scott Pioli. He shared his story of how he first met legendary coach Bill Belichek and how he got his first job as an assistant for him. I'll skip all the details but when he was hired the job paid only 16K per year, but as an entry level position he was told "the more you can do, the more you can do". He took that opportunity to not only do his job, but to go above and beyond. Not for immediate rewards (pay raises, bonuses), but because he wanted to learn and get better at his job. This resulted naturally in better positions, more responsibility, more pay etc. He now has 3 SuperBowl rings, and has been the NFL executive of the year multiple times. It's a great lesson in the old school ideology of work hard, get the rewards later. Don't expect the reward, go out and earn it. Yes, this can apply to anything in life, including your time in the gym. So, the more you can do, the more you can do.

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