• Bryan Stoneking

2020 is Finally Over

We have finally turned the page on the worst year most of us have ever experienced. Thank God. This doesn't mean everything is going to magically be better overnight. The effects of the Covid pandemic are still raging (flatten the curve was BS and only delayed the impact IMO but that's for another time), even as the vaccine is being shipped out and administered. Also, the effects of the 2020 election are still a daily topic on every news outlet. The news outlets themselves are pretty much all corrupt in some way, which leads to misinformation, agenda based reporting etc. depending on the message they want you to hear. It's all a mess. My apologies as this was not supposed to be a gloom and doom blog, but rather a reminder of a chance to restart, refocus, start over, or whatever description you need for yourself.

I personally have never been a New Year Resolution type of guy. But if having that date, the new year, new calendar is a good trigger for you, then maximize it this year. Just Do It! Make that plan, set your alarms or notifications, get rid of any distractions, and get after it.

Here's the kicker to making it successful, especially if you've tried before and it petered out, resulting in you falling back into your old habits. Are you ready? This is super enlightening and the the key to success that most people don't realize. Here it is: If you fall off, start over again, and again, and again. No matter how many restarts you need. Scientific data shows that if you do something consistently for 40 days (approximately weeks) it will become a habit. Six weeks in the grand scheme of life is not a long time, however it may feel like when you're trying to develop some new habits. If you get 4 weeks in and life throws a curveball at you which forces you to miss your new thing for a week. Don't give up, just start it up again. Let's face it, life does throw those curveballs at you. You simply have to learn to not let those defeat you. You may strikeout, but you don't have to lose the game.

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