Like most businesses, during the COVID-19 pandemic we were mandated to close our doors and discontinue having our daily class offerings. While it was very sad to be forced to do that, and I felt that the services delivered here (health & fitness) are essential, I realized that yes, exercise is essential, but doing it in my facility is not. I put the closure of our group classes in place but was still providing a top of the line fitness service for the members. Here's how our members were serviced during the quarantine.

1. I loaned out equipment for the members to take home for daily use

2. A daily video with the workout demonstration and any necessary modification options based      on individual abilities/fitness level

3. I was available anytime via call/text/DM for additional instructions or modification suggestions

4. We had a weekly video chat available for all members to join, check in with each other, share how things were going, and just stay connected to keep the community aspect alive

5. "Move the Rock" was a game we played where a 13# rock was passed from member to member (carrying it and walking) just to occupy time and keep the cool vibe going

We now are back open with our new format. Currently we are operating as a personal training studio with a 6 person cap per session. This allows for adequate social distancing while still providing service to as many people as safely possible. This new model of a 6 person capacity also proves to be a more effective coaching/learning experience. Each person will have greater access to be watched and coached during the session. One thing that all of this has taught us is that the unhealthy are the ones at the greatest risk. My goal will be to serve as many people in our community as possible. Click on the image below to read some member reviews on how the service provided has worked for them during the quarantine.